Arangka Kita Mga Ilonggo!!

Iloilo is a place bestowed with tremendous blessings. We have the bountiful harvest of produce and crops coming from most fertile soil of the island. From the plentiful rice production in central Iloilo, export quality bell peppers from the town of Leon and juiciest watermelon from the town of Oton, truly Iloilo is the basket of the entire region.

Iloilo’s coastal area is one of the most abundant fishing grounds in the country and its ocean that keeps on giving the best and diverse species of marine life, from fishes, mollusks and crustaceans that are the most sought after marine produce not only in the country but the world.

Its people, the greatest asset of Iloilo are the Ilonggos. We pride ourselves as having the most kind of a personality trait, the most malambing people in the face of the Earth. We have proven ourselves to have excelled in all fields of human endeavor and discipline. We do not settle for mediocrity but we aim and strive for the best and excellence runs in our veins. We never waiver nor we cower during tough times but instead we stand side by side and as one Ilonggo nation with head held high and have faced challenges and emerged victorious.

Our food is unique to us and appeals to the world. Batchoy was product of our Spartan past but we have elevated our humble batchoy to be recognized all over the world and be featured in almost all magazines, social media and travel sites as soul and comfort food with Iloilo as provenance.

We are proud of our food because of its freshness, fresh from the farm to the table and fresh from the sea to the plate. Ilonggo food artisans provide flair and modern gourmet twist on top of the freshness of the local ingredients and that made Iloilo one of the hottest and most sought after dining scene in the country

Our economy is booming and we are one of the safest highly urbanized cities in the country, we have booming industries, from construction, BPO, Tourism and retail industry. Our economy is growing by leaps and bounds and even growing faster than the national growth.

Keeping the Magical Charm

We protect and rehabilitate our heritage sites that stood as a reminder of our glorious past. We are now the second most visited city in the country by tourist looking for heritage sites. We protect and rehabilitate the environment specially the mighty Iloilo river that now flows freely and teeming with Aqualife.

We will move forward as one, as Ilonggo nation , we only have one Iloilo, we have only one identity and we are proud that we are Ilonggo.

Arangka Syudad sang Iloilo

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