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Iloilo City Mayor Jose Espinosa III vowed to continue the relentless campaign against illegal drugs, and this time, with the help of a mascot nicknamed “Tito Mayor Joe III”.
Espinosa said he personally funded the creation of mascot which will be visiting 52 public elementary and 14 high schools in the metropolis to educate children on the ill effects of illegal drugs.
“I have promised the President that we will have relentless campaign against illegal drugs and that the programs are being continued. And because we want to reach all schools, we created Tito Mayor Joe III which is a strategy to easily catch children’s attention,” Espinosa said.
Espinosa said he was inspired by the concept of teaching children effectively when he participated in an Earth Hour event to save electricity and reduce emissions.
“There was a short presentation wherein this child was taught to turn off the lights to save carbon footprints. Imagine, that simple deed had caused big contribution to our planet. That is why Tito Mayor Joe III will be going around to teach our students to say no to drugs because it could contribute to the formation of their childhood,” he added.
The mascot was introduced to the public during the Senior Citizen’s Day Aug. 23 as part of the 81st Charter Day celebration.
Meanwhile, Espinosa encouraged barangay officials to submit their required Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC) reports.
“Do your job as elected public officials. When the law requires you to pass the BADAC, do your job for our people,” Espinosa said.
He noticed that some barangay officials are not submitting their BADAC reports. (Merianne Grace Ereñeta/Iloilo City PIO)

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