The Iloilo City Government through the Task Force on Moral and Values Formation (TFMVF) urged parents to exercise their parental authority over their minor children or else face charges for curfew violations.

From January until March 21 this year, the TFMVF has filed cases against three parents of minors who violated three times the 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. curfew ordinance.

“When parental authority is imposed to children at an early age, it will lessen the possibility of minors to engage in illegal drugs and criminality when they grow up,” TFMVF head Jorge Duron said.

“As parents, it is your obligation to guide your children, to love and take care of them. When children are properly taken cared of and properly guided, they will not engage in conflicts,” Duron added.

In 2018, TFMVF recorded a total of 1,008 minors aged 18 years old and below who were rescued during the implementation of Iloilo City’s Regulation Ordinance 2011-676 Establishing Curfew for Minors.

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There were 636 male and 372 female out of the total rescued minors last year.

This was lower than the 1,363 minors rescued since TFMVF fully conducted apprehensions from March up to December 2017.

Duron cited that based on Section 11 of the ordinance, the parent or guardian of the child in conflict with the curfew ordinance will be criminally liable. And if found guilty by the appropriate court for consenting or allowing their minor child to wander or loiter in the streets during curfew hours without their presence or supervision, they will be penalized with imprisonment of 30 days to six months.

“During the first and second time that these minors were (rescued), we give notices to their parents which serve as warning to them, and we also make them undergo values formation seminar. For the third time that they are rescued, we file cases against them,” Duron said.

“We understand that as parents, you are also looking for ways on how to provide the needs of your family especially your children, however, let this be not an excuse to neglect your children and ensure that they are inside your house during night time,” Duron added.

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Meanwhile, Duron asked minors to focus on their studies.

“There are a lot of things you can do inside your house to help your parents. Instead of wandering on the streets, study your lessons and be responsible children,” Duron said. (Merianne Grace Ereñeta/Iloilo City PIO)


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