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Ginakasubo gid sang aton alkalde ang natabo nga sunog sang nagligad nga mga inadlaw sa Brgy. So-oc sa distrito sang Arevalo. Gani, bilang amay kag mayor sang syudad, gakabalaka gid ang aton pinalangga nga Mayor JOE III Espinosa para sa kahimtangan sang aton mga pumuluyo nga na apektohan sining sunog.

Gani, gin-instructionan sang aton alkalde ang City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) nga pagadali-on gid ang pagprocess sang mga bulig financial para sa aton mga pumuluyo nga nasunogan. Gusto gid sang aton pinalangga nga alkalde nga siya mismo ang magahatag sang mga bulig financial sa aton mga benefisyaryo, angod mapaabot sa ila nga ang gobyerno subong sang syudad, naga-ulikid gid kag nagakabalaka sa ila mga sitwasyon kag kahimtangan nga ginabatyag subong.

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Gapasalig gid ang aton pinalangga nga Alkalde JOE III, nga samtang siya ang alkalde sang syudad, ang PAG-TATAP, PAG-PALANGGA kag labi nagid sa tanan ang PAG-ULIKID sang syudad sa mga pumuluyo sini ay isa gid sa ginaprayoridad nya kag ginahatagan sang importansya.

NEWS BITS – 11th CITYNET Disaster Cluster Seminar

We have strengthened multi-sectoral involvement in disaster-preparedness, bringing advocacies to business, academe and grassroots, especially the vulnerable, because I firmly believe that no one should be left behind in times of disaster.

With these eco-friendly and disaster risk reduction initiatives that we continue to strengthen, Iloilo envisions of becoming a resilient city. Resilient in the sense that amid the fast-rising developments, what we are doing is a work in progress and right track towards sustainability, future-proofing, inclusive and livable community for all. Continue reading NEWS BITS – 11th CITYNET Disaster Cluster Seminar

NEWS BITS – 11th CITYNET Disaster Cluster Seminar

“Thank you for inviting us to this beautiful city and I am very happy to be here. I am from the City of Yokohama and we engage in the city to city cooperation. It’s been really good experience for us to cooperate with Iloilo City and have a very good job together. I’ve never been in Iloilo before, but I heard and read what you did during these years and I am very excited to be here and see what are you doing. And the most important thing is share our experiences together. I think it is a very good way to see what you did and share good experiences to participants.”

Continue reading NEWS BITS – 11th CITYNET Disaster Cluster Seminar

NEWS BITS – 11th CITYNET Disaster Cluster Seminar

“I would like to thank Mayor Joe Espinosa and the City Government of Iloilo for your warm hospitality and hosting of this important seminar and giving all of us the opportunity to embrace various ideas and experiences for building a truly resilient city. Iloilo City has always been at the forefront to adapt new initiatives and we have certainly enjoyed coming back again.”

-Kendra Hirata, Director, CITYNET Yokohama

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