Securing an Occupancy Permit for Direct Occupancy

(For Malls/Commercial Building existing [old] tenants)

Steps in applying for Direct Occupancy Permit:

  1. Schedule occupancy inspection with the City Engineer’s Office, 4th Floor, City Hall Building

  2. Submit duly accomplished forms, as-built plan and all required documents to the said office for initial evaluation of basic requirements.

  3. After verification and compliance of the basic requirements, have documents stamped “Received” by the said office for final and detailed technical evaluation and issuance of order of payment / billing statement

  4. After three (3) working days, secure the order of payments / billing statement together with the returned documents and as-built plans if there are corrections to be made or complied after the final and detailed technical evaluation.

  5. Return corrected or complied documents and as-built plans together with the Official Receipt (O.R.) to the said office for issuance of permit

  6. Receive issued documents and as-built plans by the owner / applicant

Basic Requirements:

  1. Seven (7) copies of Certificate of Occupancy with duly accomplished application of certificate of completion forms (building, plumbing/sanitary (if applicable), electrical (if applicable) and mechanical (if applicable) together with five (5) copies of as-built plan of the structure, specification, bill of materials and estimates signed and sealed by duly registered Civil Engineer or Architect, Master Plumber, Professional Electrical Engineer and Professional Mechanical Engineer on their corresponding discipline, in charge of construction

  2. Barangay Clearance and pictures of the building/structure

Other supporting documents (original and 2 photocopies):

  1. Certificate of Zoning Compliance

  2. Fire Safety Inspection Certificate

  3. Contract of lease and certification from the mall / commercial building owner / administrator that the applicant is an existing (old) tenant on the said mall / commercial building, together with the issued Certificate of Occupancy of the mall / commercial building (photocopy only)

  4. Any other requirements or documents deemed necessary in support to the issuance of the permit

Note: Original O.R. of Occupancy Fees payment with two (2) photocopies must be attached to the application forms prior to the issuance of the permit.

For more information, please contact Engr. Roberto Divinagracia, CEO at (033) 333.1111 local 412